The City is connected through a series of back alleyways and underground tunnels used only by those of us who live on the other side of the mirror, who drive delivery trucks after-hours, or in the twilight of morning, who operate in the shadow of daylight.

    For us, it is not the sun that cast the shadow, but the shadow that allows the sun to shine. We live on the Other Side of the Universe. In Negativeland. We haunt the world of Anti-Matter.

    Rats and the homeless occupy our space because they too know the alleys and tunnels of delivery and pick-up. They know because they prey on our droppings and hovel on the fringes of our heels, the edges of the docks and loading zones where detritus and spew collect, where garbage is organized and sorted, in the areas beyond even that, in the drains that run from our alleys and tunnels.

    We drive our trucks in semi-consciousness, wearing caps to protect our heads and ears from noise and stench, wearing darkest of glasses to filter light so that the transition zone from our world to the other is dimmed and blurred and barring the least pain. Ragged jackets, black jeans and dark clothes protect us from the other world and help us to identify fellow inhabitants in the Realm of Shadows.

    The Leatherman is the universal tool of survival, the MacGyver. Boots and gloves further insulate and protect our substantiated bodies from the onslaught of light and transport, from the strain of unloading and loading, from the filth ever present but ignored or not seen in the daylight of Positiveland.

    In Positiveland, eyes don't adjust beyond the veneer. In Negativeland, we have x-ray vision. Our senses operate like MRI's, detecting soft tissue in the landscape, concrete curbs and pedestrians who can be clipped and cut from the daytime panorama by the wide turns of our trucks and vans.

    These potential victims of accidents are protected and overseen by us, the angels of the shadow world. They never thank us because they never see us. They look in front or beyond. They occupy a fragile world, their world of daylight and sun, a thin veil of shallow hope. They move in the world only as solid beings.

    We however can change our shape and form from solid to shadow and disappear, become invisible, and for this ability, this reason, we are dangerous if we come in contact with the daylight occupants. Our touch is deadly and leaves no trace, no evidence of contact. We can become solid, clip a corner and kill, and disappear in the void of namelessness and dark, escape into our network of back alleyways and underground tunnels used only by those of us who live on the other side of the universe.