The Crossroads Saloon on a Friday night. Young Turks and Hot Tuna, could be any eastside bar with the cowboys, Shania Twain video, beers and the cowboy bartenders serving up the cold brews. "Desperado" playing on the juke box with us guys, the men, leaning against the railing and lurking at the girls. Yes they are girls in their long hair tight pants swing to the beat of the music. Yeah hi Shawn, how you, been long time as the crowd gathers outside because in California you can't smoke in the bar unless the bartender says it’s ok so we go outside to smoke and suck down tobacco despite the draw of the indoor thang of men in muscle shirts and women in tight skirts that show all of their supple new figures so that as we dance they swirl and twirl to the sounds of Shania who has done her first gay video and the guy next to me with the strong arms who grabs his beer as the muscles in his arm twist and surge to the beat of the music.